Daylight’s sunset and Meta’s year of focus

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maria anna and Alex They were a dynamic duo this week, taking on a storm of tech news, startup updates and lingering questions about hundreds of billions of dollars in venture capital investments.

Here’s what the show got into today:

  • He Fascinating Checkmate Sponsors and the future of online shopping: Mary Ann covered some very interesting Series A for Checkmate, a startup that has not only shown its real legs on the competitive App Store, but on social media platforms everywhere.
  • IPO of Cava will not save the IPO marketbut it might help anyway: Alex is so IPO-private that he’s making connections between everything that registers and the startup market. This time he’s not even that exaggerated!
  • Light stop smoking: From the “not a big surprise” category comes the end of Daylight, a neobank targeting the LGBTQ+ market that has been struggling for some time. This raised the question: Will thematic neobanks make it?
  • layoffslayoffs, layoffs: SoundCloud is cutting staff for profitability, which we can understand. Meta is cutting staff because, well, do you want to preserve capital for more share buybacks?
  • anthropic crowdfunding round and who could win the AI ​​war: When is $450 million not that much money? When you are building fundamental AI models that are being taken by OpenAI and others. Also in this section: Cold War metaphors.

And with that, we’re heading into a holiday weekend here in the US, so Equity will be back on Tuesday.

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