Is It Too Late to Buy Bitcoin? 5 Best Altcoins That Could Explode Instead

Bitcoin is around 60% since the turn of the year, and while that doesn’t necessarily signal the end of the crypto winter, it is a sign that investors who have been holding onto the world’s largest cryptocurrency may have missed the opportunity to buy. while underrated.

However, there are still plenty of explosive opportunities in the crypto market for investors willing to look beyond Bitcoin. We will take a closer look at the Bitcoin price and highlight 5 emerging altcoins that could generate massive gains in the coming weeks and months.

Bitcoin Momentum Stalls, Some Analysts See Bearish Move Ahead

After a year of crypto winter, Bitcoin is off to an impressive start in 2023. The token gained over 80% in the first four months of the year and briefly broke above the key $30,000 price level in mid-April.

However, the bullish momentum in BTC has stalled in the past month. Bitcoin has not been able to stay above $30,000. Instead, the token has remained in a range between $27,000 and $30,000, with the price recently dipping to $26,250.

Source: TradingView

Some crypto analysts see this as a worrying trend for Bitcoin. If the token cannot firmly break above the $30,000 resistance, it is likely to fall to its next support level around $23,000, which would represent a 12% loss from the current price.

The macroeconomic outlook for Bitcoin is equally uncertain. Although a pause in interest rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve is expected to be positive for BTC, continued high rates and fears of a recession have turned investors away from cryptocurrencies.

At the same time, BTC is facing increasing scrutiny in the US and abroad for the energy required to mine it. The new mining restrictions could make BTC less accessible and decrease demand for the token, thus keeping the price low for the foreseeable future.

All of these trends suggest that while Bitcoin may still be well below its all-time high, it is more likely to go through another round of bearish price action before it goes higher, with a true crypto bullish trend not expected until 2024. with the next halving drawing near. .

Therefore, investors looking for quick wins in the crypto market may be better served by exploring the altcoins that are gaining ground right now.

AiDoge raises $13.5 million for AI-powered meme generation

AiDoge is a meme coin that takes advantage of generative AI to make meme creation easier than ever.


AiDoge users just need to describe the meme they want to create and the AI ​​will take care of the rest. Within seconds, you will provide a custom image and text that users can customize.

AiDoge allows users to mint their creations as NFTs before sharing them. That way, if a meme goes viral, users can verifiably claim ownership of the latest trend.

To create memes with AiDoge, users will need the project’s native AI token. Users who bet on the AI ​​earn daily credits to use the meme generation algorithm. This incentivizes long-term investment and encourages users to create new memes.

AiDoge’s pre-sale is now underway and has already raised over $13.5 million in just four weeks. Investors should hurry if they want to join the pre-sale: less than 10% of the AI ​​tokens allocated to the pre-sale remain available and the project could have an ICO in the coming weeks.

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Launchpad XYZ to drive mainstream Web3 adoption with Gateway Portal

Launchpad XYZ is another cryptocurrency presale project that is quickly garnering investor attention.

The new protocol will act as a gateway platform for new Web3 users and crypto-natives by providing a wide range of tools and access to help drive mass adoption.


The project, which has its own Web3 wallet, will simplify browsing on Web3 by providing an easy portal to a number of different markets, experiences, and protocols.

That includes a decentralized exchange, an NFT marketplace, a money-making gaming hub and metaverse library, a trading terminal, fractional assets, and whitelisting spots for the best new early crypto sales.

Launchpad XYZ, which has been developed by a doxed and experienced group, is powered by LPX, a utility token that is needed to gain access to all the different features on offer.

The Launchpad XYZ pre-sale has already raised over $600k, with LPX tokens currently on sale for $0.0445 during stage 2 of 10, with the price increasing to $0.0565 in the final stage.

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yPredict Creates AI-Powered Crypto Trading Platform With 20,000+ Backers

yPredict is a new crypto project that uses AI to help traders earn higher profits in the market.


The project is building a suite of AI-powered predictive modeling tools. Analysts, quants, and developers can use these tools to create custom models that predict where the price of a crypto asset will be in hours, days, or weeks.

Model builders can share their models with merchants on a subscription basis through the yPredict marketplace. yPredict earns a portion of each subscription and shares 10% of that revenue with merchants who stake their native YPRED token.

In addition to predictive models, yPredict is building a custom trading terminal that is loaded with other AI features. The platform will support automatic chart pattern recognition, social sentiment analysis, chart trading, and more.

YPRED, which is based on the Polygon Matic network, is available to buy now via yPredict pre-sale. It is currently priced at $0.07, a discount of more than 40% from the planned list price of $0.12.

The yPredict pre-sale has raised nearly $1.7 million and the project has over 20,000 users on the waiting list. The next price increase is just a few days away.

Visit yPredict Presale

Ecoterra is a pioneer in the recycling-to-win ecosystem and raises more than $4 million

Ecoterra is a green crypto project that promotes sustainability with a unique system of recycling rewards to be earned.


The recycling system to win revolves around the Ecoterra Web3 application. Users scan the barcode of the packaging they want to recycle and Ecoterra compares it with the material in its database.

Once users deposit their recyclable materials into a reverse vending machine, Ecoterra releases ECOTERRA tokens as a reward.

Users can keep their ECOTERRA or redeem them, but they can also use ECOTERRA to buy carbon credits. Ecoterra has partnered with solar and wind energy projects to offer certified carbon credits that can offset users’ own emissions.

There is much more to Ecoterra, including a marketplace and sustainability reporting newsletters for companies. The platform has the potential to become one of the key players in an ecological revolution.

Ecoterra is currently offering ECOTERRA for presale at just $0.0085, a 15% discount from the expected listing price. The pre-sale has raised over $4.25 million thus far, indicating that investors are very confident in the future of this project.

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Deelance raises over $1 million to change the future of work

Deelance is reinventing the future of work and competing with established companies like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr.


This crypto project is building a decentralized Web3 independent marketplace that offers lower fees and more powerful features than existing marketplaces. Deelance plans to charge just 2% for businesses, the lowest rate in the industry.

One of Deelance’s innovations is allowing freelancers to be paid in crypto, thereby eliminating costly offshore transaction fees. The platform is also creating a way to convert intellectual property into NFTs, thus resolving questions about who owns what aspects of an employment contract.

Deelance is also creating a metaverse where freelancers and businesses can come together. The metaverse will allow users to advertise their services, rent virtual office space, host meetings, and much more.

To rent spaces or ads in the virtual world of Deelance, freelancers and companies will need DLANCE. This ERC-20 token is on pre-sale now at a price of $0.033. The pre-sale has already raised over $1 million.

Deelance hopes to launch DLANCE at a price of $0.057, so early investors have a chance to lock in paper returns of 72%.

Visit Deelance Presale

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