YouTube rolls back its rules against election misinformation

YouTube was the slower main platform to push back against misinformation during the 2020 US election and nearly three years after, the company is scrapping that policy entirely. The company…

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Robot dog causes stir in Midtown

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Twitter’s executive A.J. Brown to leave

Robots could go full ‘Terminator’ after scientists create realistic, self-healing skin


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AVFormer: Injecting vision into frozen speech models for zero-shot AV-ASR

Posted by Arsha Nagrani and Paul Hongsuck Seo, Research Scientists, Google Research Automatic speech recognition (ASR) is a well-established technology that is widely adopted for various…

Retrieval-augmented visual-language pre-training

Posted by Ziniu Hu, Student Researcher, and Alireza Fathi, Research Scientist, Google Research, Perception Team Large-scale models, such as T5, GPT-3, PaLM, Flamingo and PaLI, have…

Large sequence models for software development activities

Posted by Petros Maniatis and Daniel Tarlow, Research Scientists, Google Software isn’t created in one dramatic step. It improves bit by bit, one little step at a time — editing, running unit…